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The Avatar: The Last Airbender Candle Project

Purging Alert!
Hello everyone,

As maintainer, I just got notification that because of inactivity, this account is likely to be purged. Of course, now with this post, this warning will not matter much. However, I will use this opportunity to ask you all:

Would you like to continue the project, or has it run its course?

As we all know, the movie did not kill the franchise or the fandom. If anything, it actually made us stronger. Our fears were that the movie would ruin the fandom and destroy any chances of more shows. But that obviously was made moot by the creation and airing of Korra.

So here is the question again: Would you all like to continue this project? Or should I go ahead and delete and purge this account?

Mostly I ask because I also know that I've been a pseudo-ghost in the fandom lately, but I want you to know that I'm still here, too!

Mod post is late
Hello, everyone! It looks like our worrying can be eased for a while, for as I'm sure you all know, a new series has been confirmed!

Why don't we spend this time to speculate and wonder about it? Post any of your thoughts and ideas, and I mean ANY!

Basic Idea
young justice, I love them, spitfire
Get enough Candles together and you can see them from space. This was an idea formed by Rhed on Kataangforever. If enough of us fans get together our fanon and maybe our franchise may not go under.

Quote from Rhed- Regardless of how positive this forum (and fanon) is being about TLA, things arent looking too good. I cant be the only one worried about how this will affect future Avatar-verse things/Bryke's career. Actually, were I them, I think I'd feel like I just gave some guy the keys to the car I'd built with my own hands out of metal I mined and smelted myself..and when the guy finally gets back, my baby's covered in dents and spray paint. So uh, I was thinking!

We should figure out something to do as a community that lets the people in charge know that regardless of how good or bad a job people think M Night did, we dig the Bryke and the Avatar world....and we want moar. It's about a love of the animated series, not a hatred of anything else.

The problem of course is ...what do we do? A website? Mailing physical letters/fanart/whatever? What do you think we could do?

answer all of the above
This is a project to demonstrate to the creators that there are still fans of the avatarverse behind them. We have not yet lost Avatar: the Legend of Korra (or whatever the ending title will be)

no matter what side of the fence you've found yourself on over the years you still have alwayed loved Avatar to the core correct?
This is a project about gratitude and love to the creators of the show.

The movie should not be the end of the franchise by any means. This is a chance to draw the fandom together.

"Don't judge a series by its movie"


LiveJournal : http://community.livejournal.com/candle_project/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Avata ... 1942695018

Kataangforever: http://www.kataangforever.com/index.php?topic=22845.0 or http://www.kataangforever.com

DeviantArt: (we're getting there)

So join in one and all toss ideas around send any ones over to kataang forever

Good Ideas
SMBH-There's a way to support the show that the higher-ups are likely to understand -- buy show merchandise. Get the three season boxsets, BUY THE ARTBOOK (it's fantastic and worth every penny), buy the Lost Scrolls and the Earth Kingdom Chronicles and Sozin's Comet, etc. Show the people that only care about money that Avatar is a worthwhile show and that the movie doesn't affect our love and support for the original show and its creators.

Aquabreeze-I think we should each light a small candle, and post the picture of said candle on the "Photos" tab in the facebook group. It's small and easy, yet profound, meaningful, and pretty